How we started

Located in the beautiful Uvas Valley, Dorcich Family Vineyards is family owned, grown, and operated.  As farmers and landowners, we love the land and are ever mindful of giving back to the land what the grapes take out each year.  Environmental stewardship comes naturally because it makes sense for our business, our family, and our community.


Our story begins in 1897 , when our great grandfather sailed from Croatia with plans to do what he knew best, work hard as a farmer and create roots for his family in America.  Three generations later, we carry on his passion for farming and commitment to family by working together to create wines he would be proud and pleased to drink.


Today, you’ll find our father and brother Nicholas, working side-by-side to farm the land and manage the vineyards.  The rest of the family is involved in business operations and we work together to support our father’s commitment to sustainable, environmentally conscious farming and wine growing.

dorcich family statement

A Passion for Farming and A Commitment to Family.


Stephen N. Dorcich

Our father has been farming almost his entire life. He began building the foundation for his intuitive style of farming practices early on. At 8 years old, he started working for his father in the pear orchards in North San Jose and by 12, he was spending most of his free time on a tractor maintaining the orchards.

His goal as a wine grower is to provide the winemaker with the best fruit possible. For dad, the vineyard is an exercise in harmony and balance. The vines have to maintain just the correct level of water and nutrients. The fruit load has to be matched to the soil fertilization, the vines capacity for quality, and the microclimate. Each year, for the last 30 years, he has worked hard to put back into the land what the grapes take to maintain a perfect unity with the natural surroundings of Uvas Valley.

Stephen N_Dorcich - Dorcich Family Vineyard
Alessio Carli - Dorcich Family Vineyards


Alessio Carli

A native of Siena, Italy, Carli first became interested in wine watching his father make Chianti at home. He decided to work in agriculture and attended the Instituto Agrario in Siena where he earned his Argonomy degree in 1982. He also earned degrees in Viticulture and Enology.

In 1990, Alessio came to the United States to oversee winemaking at Viansa Winery in Sonoma County. He has continued to consult with several wineries in Napa and Sonoma. In 1999, Carli helped to design and start operation at Pietra Santa Winery, where he continued to be the winemaker and olive oil maker until 2015. He currently oversee our winemaking operations and is working closely with our family to produce great wine. Alessio is also owner and winemaker of Alicats and Carli labels.

Alessio brings a rare blend of traditional Italian expertise and modern California sensibility to his winemaking. For Alessio, his goal for winemaking is simple: bring out the best in the grapes. He respects the complexity of the grapes and avoids burying them under too much technique, so the wines can showcase the unique character of the vineyard.