The year started out a little rough with flooding and lots of mildew pressure. We managed to get through all of this and moved into the harvest early to mid September.

The white grapes came in normal with the exception of chardonnay which came in lighter than we saw last year. This years harvest was a lot of stopping and starting, we saw about a weeks break between each varietal. Our reds look about average across the board but we did see smaller cluster sizes.

We had some intense heat and sunlight in the late summer and we had some sunburning issues with the Petit Verdot. Sugar accumulation slow to a crawl, as did flavor development. This was most pronounced in the Cabernet Sauvignon. Extreme weather like this (an astonishing 114 degrees) impacts fruit in two ways: evaporative demand causes berries to shrivel and, the heat damages vital berry biochemistry. We do not foresee any carryover affects of the high heat on next years crop and overall, the harvest went well; the vines are healthy and the leaves have changed color.